Conference Topics

First session : Market competitiveness, economic policies and reforms

  • Consumers, producers and efficiency of markets
  • Governmental taxation policies and incentives
  • Businesses and market competitiveness
  • International trade in European¬† countries
  • Employment and social welfare issues
  • The capital markets in Europe
  • Income distribution
  • Economic and financial reforms toward European economic crisis
  • Legislation framework in the economic sector and employment

Second Session: Macroeconomic policies in European area

  • Monetary policies
  • Financial markets and economy
  • Governmental fiscal policies
  • Exchange rate systems
  • Investments and the economy
  • The banking systems
  • International trade
  • GDP-s, Deficits and Debts
  • Economic growth analyses


Third session: Innovation contribution towards social challenges

  • Contribution of entrepreneurship to addressing social exclusion and inequalities
  • ICT-s and their impact in employment
  • The role of states in the social welfare of societies
  • Economic development and environmental challenges
  • Legislation framework and incentives
  • Market opportunities for new enterprises
  • New Demographic challenges in Europe

The conference is not restricted to the suggested themes. All participants are welcome to suggest other ideas in relation to the main theme of the conference.