13th INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE



2016 – 2020

organized by University “Aleksandër Moisiu”

Durrës, Albania

19-20 May, 2017

The aim of the conference is to address issues affecting the economic and social development of Europe as a region which nearly a decade has been affected by the economic and financial crisis, as well as a high level of unemployment, especially for the younger age groups. Strengthening the economic stability of the region, monetary and fiscal policies, the employment, competitiveness of markets etc, will be the key issues to be addressed through the presentations and discussions.

The conference will serve as a regional forum where the participants will have the opportunity to exchange experiences on developments, reforms and the dynamics of financial and economic crisis facing the countries of South Eastern Europe and beyond. Also, the conference aims to build bridges and encourage cooperation between faculties with economic profile in South- Eastern Europe, considering the importance they have in the preparation of students who will be employed in the fields of business and economics in the future

The conference official language is English.